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Dawn Gibson

You’ll remember her from Mixed Trix and Dedringer, where she was the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist. Extensive touring experience, travelling all over Esatern Canada and New York State from the mid 80s to early 90s. Opened for Tom Cochrane and Red Ryder. Lead Vocalist /Rhythm Guitarist DAILY MUSIC ROLL BREEDLOVE GUITARS Dawn Gibson has a unique solo show unlike any other! She performs to her backing tracks, so it’s like an all-inone band. She has an eclectic, majestic presence that captivates and holds an audience throughout her show. She performs as a professional busker for London Arts Council in her hometown of London, Ontario. Outside of that, you’ll find her at her favourite busking spot in White Oaks near the LCBO. Now, she is working in partnership with Alzha Studios from Indonesia who produces the songs in their entirety for Dawn, under her direction and approval. Dawn and Alzha Studios have partnered together to create a masterpiece unlike any other compilation she has completed. Rising to new levels, watch for “Into the Light”... to be released soon! After taking a 20 yr hiatus from the music scene, Dawn Gibson returns with her own solo act, and a fervor like you have never seen before! She hopes her plans on touring across Canada and the United States and more can come to fruition soon....she has many fans around the world waiting to see her live. You can hear her on many digital radio stations; Breakfast Radio, Bank Radio Australia, Neil Clark’s New Starz Radio and Podcast based in the U K, CHRW 94.9FM and a host of others! Recently she was aired on The Real DJ Show on YouTube. She has recently released “The Rising”, a full length powerhouse CD that she put together with her then producer, Tam Duong. It’s a nice ascent from her “Out of the Dark” release from 2020; another powerhouse CD

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