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Children's Cancer Centre
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Childrens Cancer Centre

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Childhood and Cancer.

Two words that should never go together.

Every year, around 1,800 families in the UK are told their child has cancer.

And every week, around five children in the UK lose their lives to cancer. That’s five families who are faced with the worst news possible.

A child doesn’t have to die from cancer for it to take their life. It can take away their opportunities to learn, to play with their friends, to spend time outdoors.

It can take away their childhood.

That's why we're helping to build the Children's Cancer Centre.

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) cares for children with the hardest-to-treat cancers.

GOSH has a long history of pioneering breakthroughs in cancer care and treatment. But despite advances, cancer is still the biggest killer of children aged one to 14 in the UK.

There are extraordinary opportunities to improve the odds for children with cancer once and for all.

Together we can build it. Together we can help beat childhood cancer.

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